Bringing Relief to Texas

Houston Homes

Footprints of Charity had a person on the ground in the Houston area who lives in the suburb of Montgomery, TX to assist in the relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

In the past couple days, she has prepared hundreds of sack lunches, prepared hot meals for people in 3 hotels, and is personally connecting with many families to see what their immediate needs are. And above all else, she has been presented with the opportunity to share the love of Christ and get on her knees in prayer with these people.

Many have donated in the last couple days money for these specific efforts and we want to share with each of you where your donations are going and how they have been spent.

We are trying to supply food to displaced victims at three hotels, at least one hot meal per day. In these deliveries, Leslie has connected with a few families on a personal level and is trying to help them in any possible way that she can.

Families Affected

This is the sweet baby of one of the families. Her picture is being shared with permission from her family.

One family in particular consists of a husband, wife, daughter, and grandmother. They lost everything in their apartment. They had renter’s insurance but just learned from the company that nothing will be covered since it was flood damage. They were able to get into another apartment today. It is a sister apartment to the one that they were in and their deposit has been waived but they are moving into an empty apartment. Leslie is visiting with them this weekend to assess what they have access to and how we can help this family. She continues to deliver food for them, gift cards for Walmart, gas cards, and some gift cards to various places. Know that this family is so grateful for the generosity of everyone who is helping them in their time of need.

Another family she has connected with is a couple who are 86 years old, married 64 years, and lost everything. We will find out tomorrow what they have access to, family, etc. We know at this point that they have nothing and have lost everything they had. The man was beyond grateful to receive gift cards and food delivered today.

Thank you for all your donations for this effort. God bless you!

Families Helping Families

Our relief workers children bringing toys to a displaced little girl.