Water Well-Drilling in LaGonave

Need HelpHelp! We are in a project crisis. As many of our supporters know we have been involved in an endeavor to bring clean water to the island of La Gonave, Haiti. We have been partnering with New Beginnings Christian Fellowship for this project and combined our resources to purchase a well-drilling rig for this effort. It has been a long process of getting the rig, equipping it properly, testing it and training. We were blessed in that the shipping agency donated the cost of shipping. However, after arriving in Haiti in January, it continues to be tied up in customs. We expected import taxes and fees to be less than $2000. We are now hearing the cost to release it will be closer to $14,000. Once we are able to get through that, we will need to hire a barge to take it to the island which is currently estimated to be an additional $10,000. This means that in order to start drilling for clean water on this island we will need approximately $24,000. La Gonave is one of the water-poorest places in the world and the Father led us here. So many Spirit events have occurred around this project so far and we know the Lord will provide. If you would like to help us meet this challenge, you may do that below:

Well-Drilling in LaGonave Project

As much as we value your donations, we value your prayers more. Please pray for us to complete the work the Father has started in us. Thank you all for your support and may God bless you!