Information from the Dominican Republic

Well, we made it back successfully from our trip to the Dominican Republic where we visited with Manna Global for a few days. They have a great organization going there and were more than happy to share their strategies and processes with us. In exchange we helped them with some repairs they needed around their compound. The information we received from them was invaluable for starting our non-profit. We got to learn a little bit about what has worked and what has not as well as ideas for mentoring field workers.

The Dominican Republic is a very nice place compared to their neighbor, Haiti. We were able to also learn more about Haiti and what it takes to establish work in such an area. It may be a long hard road to get to where we want to be in that country, but with God’s help I know we can be of great benefit to them.

Thanks again to the kind people at Manna, we really appreciate the hospitality and the information.