Missionary Spotlight – The Raboins

The Raboins

The Raboins

The Raboin Family in Costa Rica

We would like to introduce the David Raboin family to you today. They moved to Atenas, Costa Rica in 2012 to do full time missionary work. David and Kalina have four children, Olivia, Logan, Carson, and Leia. Their days are beyond busy working with people in many local and nearby communites, spreading the Gospel and ministering to their physical and medical needs. Kalina homeschools their 4 children andworks alongside David whenever she can. Kalina is a registered nurse, and tries to use her medical knowledge to help whenever she has opportunity to do so.

There is much need in Costa Rica. The poverty level in Atenas is extremely high and the median income for many of the people they work with averages about $500 a month. Groceries are no cheaper than the USA and most times, more expensive. Most families live on beans and rice as their traditional mainstay, and many times, their food supply doesnot last until their next paycheck. The Raboin’s buy groceries for the most needy when they have funds to do so,and help pay for much needed doctor visits.

Costa Rica has a government run medical insurance program that all residents and citizens must pay into monthly, but it can take months or years to get medical tests scheduled. There are private run hospitals that can run tests in a timely manner in emergencies, but it is not covered by their CAJA (health insurance) plan. So, many times, when someone has had serious health issues, David tries to drive them to the hospital when needed and help them pay for those emergencies also.

David and Kalina have a used passenger van they bought several months after they moved to Costa Rica, but it has become very unreliable in the last year. It is currently not running at all and is in the shop. David uses this van extensively to transport people to doctors, church services, and other appointments they otherwise would not be able to reach. There are buses in the area but bus fares are very hard on their limited budgets. Most people walk if they live in town, but many people live out of town where housing is more affordable.

One of the Raboin’s goals in Costa Rica is to keep the children enrolled in school so they can stop the poverty caused by lack of education. To stay in school, these children are required to buy uniforms, or they cannot attend classes. Many poor people cannot afford these uniforms, so their children quit attending school and the poverty cycle continues. When the children get older, they are required to ride the local buses into town for high school. Money for those bus rides is extremely hard to come by also.

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Thank you and God Bless.