Journey of Godly Reminders ~ Part 2 into Chirrípo

“Gladys hiked with us for a couple hours before she went on ahead of us so that she would make it home before dark.  She told us during this time about her daughter’s arms and that she had just gone into town (a 7-8 hour hike each way for her) for the second time to get medical care for her daughter. I can’t recall the exact name, but there is an insect here in Costa Rica that causes severe lesions on the body and can only be treated with an injection of a certain medicine.  There is nothing you can take by mouth or any creams that you can apply that will make it go away.  And with children the lesions usually become worse and worse because they touch them.  This was the second time she had taken her for this exact thing and they would not give her the injection.  They keep telling her that isn’t what she has and tells her to come back later and they will look at her again.  This is typical social medicine here.  They’ve given a her a cream but nothing is helping and her condition is worsening.  She had taken her this second time because she was having a hard time breathing through her nose.  The insides of her nose were swollen and red.  This mother left a doctor’s office again with nothing to help her daughter.  Before she went on ahead of us we stopped and prayed that God, the greatest Physician of all, may heal her and give that precious child comfort and take away her pain.”  CLICK HERE to read the entire post.


 {Pictured on the left are Gladys and her 6 year old daughter}