Indigenous Chirrípo Reservation in Costa Rica

I have thought a lot the last week an half on how I could accurately describe and give you a true portrayal of our trip to the Cabécar Chiripó Reservation.  And I have concluded that it really is not completely possible.  You need all five senses to feel, see, touch, taste, and hear everything.  And as time passes, even I forget the tiny details.  I could write for days and days and probably never break the surface on everything that I could say about that trip, from the back-breaking trek to the heartbreaking realities of the lives of the Cabécar Indians.  Click here to continue reading more about this journey.  For those who have not previously been following the work in Costa Rica, we are a family of six, on foot here in the country as full-time missionaries, striving to plant the seed of the Gospel everyday.  The Cabeccar Indians are not located in the region where we live, but we have recently started attempting to make regular visits to the edge of the reservation.