Progress in Merger Haiti

We just got back from a very successful trip to Merger, Haiti. The visit was about helping the local work started by a Haitian named Max Lorient, lovingly referred to as Pastor John.

John’s work is centered on the children in the local hamlet of Merger located outside the city of Carrefour. He calls it Success Ministries. The goal of Success is to provide a Christian based education to children who cannot afford to attend school. John is currently using his house as a classroom to teach English, Math, Science, and Computer skills. John is getting children to sign up in order to take part in the classes which happen on Fridays and Mondays. In addition to the schooling, the ministry teaches fellowship and cooperation through games on Saturdays. After the games, John feeds all of the children. In many cases, this is the only meal of the day for them.

Everything in the ministry is geared toward the gospel. The children learn of Jesus and the bible in their class studies and on the futbol field. Those who are converted in this area are highly active in their faith and filled with the Spirit.

Children of Merger

Children of Merger

Success Ministries is completely Haitian and run by Haitians without interference from Western denominationalism. Our hopes at Footprints are to help fund the feeding of the children, the teaching materials, and other local costs which may arise but not to interfere with the successful model John has created there.

We visited to get to know John and those he works with. We found our goals to be very compatible and shared a love for the needs of the children. On Friday we took part in the English class and taught the children the Alphabet song. On Saturday we walked the streets of Merger meeting families and praying for their needs. Then we climbed to the community futbol field where we watched the children play. The older kids played futbol (soccer) while local volunteers broke the younger kids into groups where they sang hymns and played school-yard games. Afterwards, all the kids sat around us while one local teacher taught them about the birth of Jesus. Then I had the privilege of teaching them about loving each other and how that teaching was what inspired me to be there. We then led them all to a local courtyard where we were able to feed them. Over 100 children were in attendance. They were very polite, respectful, and happy to see us.

In the near future we are hoping to develop projects to benefit this work in Merger. Some ideas we are toying with are child-sponsorship and sponsored short-term mission trips. God has indeed blessed us with an opportunity to help make a difference in the fertile soil of Haiti. Our goals are not to take any glory or ownership here, but instead enable the locals to continue the work they are doing so well. God is the only one who can get any credit or take ownership in this work. A place once consumed by the darkness of voodoo is growing in the light of the Son and if we can just play a small part in God’s work there, we are blessed. Hallelujah.